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Business Growth

Focused on our vision to be a customer experience and digital transformation center, Fortel Peru has improved solutions for your business related to outbound sales, cross selling, upgrades sales, customer retention, renewal service, digital marketing, and sales.

We develop retention programs combining technology, personal attention and corporate commitment, through which we ensure customer acquisition and we also play multichannel sales.

The outbound sales, cross selling and sales upgrades activities, these are three techniques that we manage very well, due to more than of our 2MM monthly transactions which ensure a win-win effect, where buyers and sellers are benefited.

We have the most advanced technology, ready to provide first class services in digital marketing and sales to respond to customer’s needs.

We promote the business growth because we have the ability to combine the best processes, altogether with a larger team of 1,500 employees who manage the latest generation technology.


Customer Experience & BPOCustomer Experience & BPO

We provide technology solutions with effective tools to optimize an organization’s processes in order to improve the customer experience.

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Business GrowthBusiness Growth

We focus all our efforts to grow your business, applying technology, personal attention and corporate commitment.

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Digital Marketing & Social MediaDigital Marketing & Social Media

We offer a wide range of specialized services to serve customers through a digital ecosystem like Social Media.

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